CodeUp can be a convenient space to get together and share ideas with others doing similar work. In the past people have run workshops on mobile app development, web page design and the FreeCodeCamp exercises, and we've even had a couple working on their Udacity Android Basics nanodegree coursework. In future we hope to run workshops on git and database languages, and we're considering setting up a longer-term project that people can contribute to.

One we get asked about a lot is:

Programming 101

On Drew's second visit to CodeUp Manchester Claire found out he was a teacher and asked if he could help some of the beginners with a quick introduction to programming. That course quickly grew into a three-part series of workshops that now runs 2-3 times a year.

Programming 101 is designed to be a whistle-stop tour of everything programming languages can do. It is a practical session using Python 3, a language that is beginner-friendly but still presents enough of a challenge to be interesting and applicable to future learning. Think of it a bit like those bumper lanes at the ten-pin bowling alley.

The workshop covers the basics of software development common to nearly all programming languages: data types, variables, inputs and outputs, conditional execution, loops and data structures. In the first session you’ll create your first program, and from there you'll make lots of little programs that build on what you know.

Before attending the workshop you will need to download and install Python 3, which you can get here. Copies of the slides for all three parts of the workshop are open source and are published under a creative commons licence. They can be found here: